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Evy Sunscreen Mousse SPF50 (100ml)

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Evy Sun Mousse SPF50 (100ml) is a light sun protection mousse that’s easy to apply and non-sticky. Powered by Proderm technology, Evy Sun Mousse is rapidly absorbed into the skin, where it works with the epidermis to provide immediate and long lasting UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

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Evy Sunscreen Mousse SPF50 (100ml), is a fabulously light sun protection mousse that’s easy to apply and non-sticky. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Powered by patented technology, Evy Sun Mousse is rapidly absorbed into the skin, where it works with the epidermis to provide immediate and long-lasting UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

  • Evy Sun Mousse Very High Protection SPF50 – Powered by Proderm
  • 5* Superior UVA Sun Protection
  • Rapidly absorbed for immediate protection
  • Very Water Resistant
  • Non-Greasy
  • Parabens, Nano-Particles and Perfume Free
  • Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin
  • Suitable for children from 6 Months
  • Up to 6 Hours Protection
  • 100ml (Aerosol Mousse)
  • 98% UVA protection. Made in Sweden

Evy Sun Mousse formula is a Swedish skincare invention, suitable for all skin types. The patented mousse formula, with Proderm technology, provides superior protection from the sun and has several unique features. EVY comes in factors SPF 10, SPF 20, SPF 30, SPF 30 Kids and SPF 50. Please note that all cans are 150ml, except for SPF 50 which is 100ml.


Evy Sun Mousse protects against heat, wind, and water stresses and is especially suitable for those who are outdoors a lot in the sun. Proderm forms a unique protective barrier that mimics the skin’s own natural defence. The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of skin, rather than clogging up on the surface like ordinary creams. Therefore it’s less easily removed by bathing and towel drying and provides excellent long-term protection against UVA and UVB rays.


EVY is recommended by dermatologists for people with sun eczema and sun allergies. The Vitiligo Association of Sweden has appointed EVY the safest sun protector on the market! It is free from parabens, nanoparticles or titanium dioxide and is manufactured in Sweden in accordance with EU standards.

Suitable for everyone in the sun

EVY is designed for sensitive skin but is suitable for all skin types, both for children and adults. The products can be used on the scalp for thin hair and even protect the hair from dehydrating. The mousse is also suitable for people with extra sensitive skin who cannot tolerate conventional sunscreens.


EVY sunscreen is used by many athletes and others who are exposed to extreme conditions. It was the official sun protector for EF boats in the Whitbread Around The World race, throughout the 9 months at sea. And the TV program Expedition Robinson used EVY for many years. It was much appreciated by the whole crew and contestants, protecting them from the scorching sun.

The benefits of EVY technology

EVY is suitable for both face and body. It’s suitable for use under makeup, dries quickly and is matte and non-greasy, doesn’t clog pores, leaves no white film and is fragrance-free. The mousse is hydrating and protects skin from sun dehydration and premature ageing.


The mousse lasts twice as long as ordinary creams. It’s quickly absorbed by the skin, making it easier to use the right amount of sun protection compared to a cream. Thanks to the bacteria-proof packaging, the product is fresh until the bottle is empty.


EVY sun mousse contains organ-chemical sunscreen filters. This individual sun filter is very well tested and approved by authorities in Sweden and around the world. The filter provides very reliable protection against UVA rays, which means that the product does not break down as easily in the sun as many other skin protectors. EVY is tested to hold its SPF for upto 6 hours, but EU advice is to reapply frequently

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